Hi, I'm Mia!

My belief in the transformative potential of creative expression is grounded in my experiences teaching and studying art, and it is at the heart of my therapeutic practice. I believe that the process of connecting with and expressing our most authentic selves in a safe and accepting space is fundamental to fostering growth, insight, and meaningful change.

I work with artists, creatives and Xennials who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or struggling with creative block.

My Credentials

My Credentials

I am a Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor or APCC #xxxxx

I attended California Institute of Integral Studies, where I received a Masters in Counseling Psychology.

RYT 200

Supervised by Nicole Hsiang Shieh, LMFT #96001.

How We'll Work Together

I use wit and practicality as two of my favorite tools to facilitate growth and transformation in my clients.

I strive to create a safe and supporting space where you can express yourself authentically without shame or judgment.

Together we will explore self-limiting beliefs that may be reflected in your creations and hinder a balanced life.

I take a trauma-informed approach that blends honest sensibilities with the soulful essence of California.

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